Childrens Clothing

What do three women do... Who have 4 young children...
Who need clothing, not just "consumer products" clothes?
They create "Delray", bespoke childrens clothes that give a look, the look that is "Delray".

All our clothes are bespoke by family members who have a love for sewing and creating clothes. Materials are sourced where ever possible from small vendors/suppliers and use local and imported materials.
We have been asked on many occasions where we purchased our childrens' clothes and we decided to move our own family needs into a family business, keeping small clothes for small people in small volumes and keep the style, quality and look BIG.

You can contact us through FaceBook or feel free to give us an email on

Buttonmania - Button Merchants

Range includes mostly European, high-end buttons (including vintage buttons) but also has budget-priced buttons for craft projects. Buttonmania's bespoke buttons and belts have graced the dresses, suits and jackets of some of Australia’s best-known designers of haute couture, bridal gowns, ballet, theatre and movie costumes.